Welcome to the NADSFL Online Forum

Welcome to the NADSFL Forum

Please use this forum to exchange ideas and pose questions. Responses may be offered offline by e-mail or phone contact.

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  1. Paris Granville
    Paris Granville says:

    I want to share an online resource for teachers or anyone who is looking to bridge the gap between second language acquisition research and classroom practice. I will be posting a series of short , interactive presentations. This one is 5 minutes about the nature of language.

  2. Jamie Patterson
    Jamie Patterson says:

    Greetings colleagues! So excited that Fall is coming soon and we get to see each other again! Our conferences are always such a boost! I have a favor…Please help me gather data by answering some brief questions about your use of a language lab system in your district. If your district does not have a language lab system, please continue to answer questions around assessment of performance. No names or contact information will be shared; but this will help me a lot to support our district practices. Please click on the link to the survey in the website field below. Thank you so much for your support!


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