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  1. Paris Granville
    Paris Granville says:

    I want to share an online resource for teachers or anyone who is looking to bridge the gap between second language acquisition research and classroom practice. I will be posting a series of short , interactive presentations. This one is 5 minutes about the nature of language.

  2. Jamie Patterson
    Jamie Patterson says:

    Greetings colleagues! So excited that Fall is coming soon and we get to see each other again! Our conferences are always such a boost! I have a favor…Please help me gather data by answering some brief questions about your use of a language lab system in your district. If your district does not have a language lab system, please continue to answer questions around assessment of performance. No names or contact information will be shared; but this will help me a lot to support our district practices. Please click on the link to the survey in the website field below. Thank you so much for your support!

  3. Kimberly Pilling
    Kimberly Pilling says:

    Basically I just want to share the information about what was for my students a great opportunity to do a student exchange. My dear friend and colleague, Olivier Roibin, works for Ecole St. Martin in Pontoise, France. An integral part of their curriculum is to send their students on foreign exchanges. It is a great opportunity for our kids to spend a couple of weeks in France where they live with French families, attend some classes at school on of course they get to tour the major sites in and around Paris. Then the French students some here to the States where they get to live with American families, attend classes and see the sites. Typically, the French kids are sophomore age. Our kids tend to vary more age-wise but it is better if they are at least in French II so that they have come communication skills.

    Olivier has an active exchange going in Wake County but would like to partner with schools outside North Carolina. Because the exchanges are part of the school curriculum, he works with several schools in the US. I thought that reaching out to my NADSFL colleagues might be a good way to get him in touch with teachers in school divisions across the country in hopes that he might find one or two schools who would be interested.
    Please email me if interested!


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